Serving the Portland area for over 60 years, these are a few of the most requested services we provide for our customers. 

Electrical Service Upgrades

With modern technological advancements comes an increased demand for power. Household and business electricity use has been on the rise for decades. Adding more breakers to your panel or replacing it all together is an important step in maintaining the safety of your electrical system. If tripping breakers are a common occurrence you may be overloading your circuits or there may be damaged components in your electrical system.  If your lights are dimming during the use of vacuums or other appliances, or the panel feels warm to the touch, you are overloading the panel and should consider replacing or updating it immediately.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lights greatly improve the elegance of the lighting in your home. One of the benefits of recessed lighting is that it quickly increases how modern your home looks. This kind of lighting gives you the opportunity to highlight certain facets of your home’s decoration. 

Outlet Installation

Time to install some more outlets?

An outlet or receptacle is involved in approximately 8% of home electrical fires, many of which are caused by overloading outlets and extension cords. Household electricity use has more than doubled since 1975. With a growing demand for power in your home it can be easy to exceed the amp capacity of your circuits. Overloading outlets can cause wear on the internal wiring system generating excess heat, greatly increasing the chances of a fire.

Combination Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms are an essential part of a home fire escape plan. Smoke spreads fast, working smoke alarms give you an early warning so you can get outside quickly. State regulations now require carbon monoxide detectors in all private residences and having one combination smoke and carbon monoxide detector per room is suggested. Give your family the assurance it deserves with the latest smoke and carbon monoxide detection equipment.

Outdoor Lighting

Enjoy the beauty of your garden by day and night!

Without proper lighting, areas of the home just aren’t functional; the same is true regarding outdoor living areas. Without exterior lighting, these areas become unusable after dark, limiting your enjoyment. By installing outdoor lights, you can extend your use of exterior areas well after the sun sets.

Ceiling/Wall Exhaust Fans

Install Ceiling/Wall Exhaust Fans to ventilate your spaces and help prevent mildew. The fan vents moisture in rooms up to 55 sq. ft. and features quiet operation. Perfect for bathrooms, art studios, workshops, and more.

Motion Sensor Lighting

Most people think of outdoor security lighting when it comes to motion sensor lighting, but the possibilities don’t end there. True, motion sensors provide a smarter and more efficient solution for preventing break-ins. But you can also use motion sensor lighting to reduce utility bills and make life more convenient in a variety of ways, indoors and outdoors.

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